How To Wash Makeup Brushes Using A BrushEgg

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    I love starting up my makeup with clean brushes, but I have always hated

washing my brushes as it’s usually really annoying and tiring. Then I stumbled on this magically tool called BRUSH EGG that changed everything! Washing makeup brushes is now so much fun, it is practically play time for me. lol.

The BrushEgg has two segments on it, one part with parallel lines and the other with round nubs. A hollow space is also provided for inserting fingers which makes for easy grip and control.

This handy tool make washing your brushes easy and hassle-free.

Use a mild soap while washing your makeup brushes so the brush hairs don’t get damaged. I use a mild body wash but any regular gentle shampoo will do fine.

First let water run through the brush to soften the soiled brush hair.

Squeeze little of the soap on the brushegg and then using light strokes and also making circular motions on the section with parallel lines, wash large brushes.

For smaller brushes, use the section with round nubs on the brushegg to wash them.

Rinse off the lather from the brush and place it to dry in an airy space

Do not leave brushes in water for to long or use harsh detergents while washing, as this can make the brush handle ware off easily. Some of my brushes are victims of this as seen above. lol.
You can buy BrushEgg from HERE 
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