The Wedding Guest

Hello lovelies,
Last weekend I attended a wedding. I had no idea what to wear. At first I had plans on meeting up with a tailor close by to make a traditional outfit for me, I kept deferring until it hit me that there was no longer time for that.

A night to the wedding I was delving my wardrobe and trying out different outfit until I got tired and decided to pick one outfit out of all the six outfits I had tried on (female wahala lol).
I wore this leopard print shift dress with a tassle monochrome gladiator heel I adore so much.
A shift dress is a short dress that lacks detailed shaping.
At the wedding, all I wanted was food, that Nigerian wedding Jollof Rice lol, I waited patiently, but I was offered Basmati Rice. I was sad jor, all my hopes of eating Jollof rice was shattered just like that lol. But on the bright side, ice cream (the name alone gives me joy) was served.

Generally the wedding was a huge success. 
what are your thoughts on this outfit?
what’s not to love about this heel.

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