Remix Of The Leather Dress

Nude x Brown

Hello everyone,

On the blog today am wearing this leather dress I made some time ago, with a nude cape and
Lace up heels which are incredibly flattering and trendy.
This dress was made from the remains of a leather fabric I used for a project.
I added the pattern fabric to the leather because using only the leather fabric wouldn’t have been enough to make a complete dress except I wanted a mini dress, plus I wanted the dress a little relaxed since the leather fabric was a tad bit thick.
I wore this outfit some months back and posted it on instagram but with less accessories though, so here on the blog, I accessorized  more; hence the title ‘Remix Of The Leather Dress’.
I was so happy when I tried to wear this dress recently and it wouldn’t just move onto my body effortlessly like it used to; hint of little weight gain, because if you know me well enough , you’ll also know how badly I have been trying to add some weight, but the weight gain is never evident(really saddening).

What are your thoughts on this outfit?

Cape – Gift. get similar here
Dress – Made by me
Shoe – get at Choies

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3 thoughts on “Remix Of The Leather Dress

  1. Genevieve Omigie says:

    The weight gain struggle is real menh!! I feel you! Then one comedian would be asking you "do you eat so?" very annoying! You could share some tips on what you did and are doing though! Cos I sure would want to try it out,just maybe I'll see results this time!

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