Monochrome X Gold Metallic Adornments

Hello lovelies, 

First, I have to apologize for my inconsistency; I am a student as you all know and exam is around the corner, plus network is not helping matters; please forgive this humble babe lol.  
     Today on the blog,
am wearing this black zilch sheer dress and a white pencil trouser with gold metallic accessories.
I call this dress a ZILCH DRESS because it doesn’t give much coverage and cannot be worn without other apparels (i.e trouser, skirt, shorts,leggings) like a basic dress. 
     For this outfit I accessorized more, as both the top and bottom apparels are solid colours with no design/pattern whatsoever. 
     No much gist on this outfit today, because I am between being awake and being asleep, so if you find any typo(gbagaun) call my attention to it so we both can laugh a little.
What are your thoughts on this outfit? 


Zilch dress – Aliexpress
Trouser -Gift. get similar here or here
Heels – Aliexpress(out of stock)

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