The Agbada Dress

female agbada . green and black agbada, agbada dress

Hello lovelies,
I have been unavoidably MIA for a while now; I had exams, but am done. I really missed blogging. There were times during exam preparation, I would just want to chip in a post , but I felt this guilt and a very bothersome voice in my head kept saying “remember
your first exam is the dreaded criminal law oo” so I backed out lol, and waited till I was done with exams. Well, am back; In Ciara’s voice “I’ve been gone for too long I think it’s time I bring it back” lool.
Today on the blog am wearing this Agbada dress, made by me. Sincerely I don’t know what prompted me to make an Agbada dress, but something did, I just can’t remember. I paired it with a fedora hat rather than the regular cap that always comes with an Agbada, for a contemporary feel.  This was supposed to be an outfit to a wedding which I was to attend with a couple of friends but I got vexed and decided not to go anymore. Since I was already dressed, I decided to take some pics and forced some smiles here and there.Notice how nature is in tune with my outfit.

What are your thoughts on this outfit? 
how to make an agbada, green and black agbada, nigerian fashion blogger, cedar
Yimu lol
cedar wearing agbada with brown fedora hat, green agbada
nigerian fashion blogger wearing female agbada, nigerian wears/outfits, ankara fabric

brown sandal/gladiator heels and brown bag, cedar

the agbada is now female/women's clothings/outfit, female agbada worn to wedding

agbada on high heels, females/women wearing agbada

Dress – Made by me 
Bag – Local store
Heels – Konga
Thanks For Visiting

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