Androgynous in Ripped Denim Overall X Plaid

Yes yes yes!! She is all androgynous in today’s oufit. 
So being that I haven’t talked about androgynous fashion and the state of being androgynous on the blog, I am going to start by defining both.
Androgynous is the blending of masculine and feminine characteristics. It is having both
conventional masculine and feminine traits.
I feel like I fall under this definition as I got some masculine traits, for example structured jawline,
bowlegs(well I guess you didn’t know this lol, but some peeps who know me well enough know this,
plus I see this as a masculine trait though) and many more.
Also, Androgynous fashion is mostly done by females, it is rocking a masculine outfit on a
feminine physique or the other way around (this one would really crack me up), a good example is my outfit which sort of a masculine wear.
 I particularly love this look as the ripped/distressed denim overall gives the outfit a
playful/relaxed feel, plus the environment made the whole ensemble look more rugged – and that I like.
Don’t mind my stuck-up face as I was only trying to play the “like a boy role” and also imitated those male models that always look
haughty in photos like they had gotten into a fight before the shoot or something, lol. 
So what are your thoughts on this outfit?

 If only you knew how many times I had to jump
to get this one perfect shot. I actually lost hope at a point,until my brother took a final look at the photos we had taken, then he said “I think we’ve found the one” hehehe.

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4 thoughts on “Androgynous in Ripped Denim Overall X Plaid

  1. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    Nice dungarees! First time I wore mine, I also did the plaid shirt combo with it although, I paired mine with heels. This is dope and the hat took the coolness up a notch too.

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