Review On Two Holy Grail Primers Milk Of Magnesia And ME NOW Face Primer

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March is here and its rainy reason, this season is one of my best seasons because it’s the season for Mangoes and Cashews also. People who know me well enough know how much I love mangoes . I guess everyone in Nigeria couldn’t just wait for the rain to fall, no matter how little even if it was a drizzle, as the weather was is really hot.
I have digressed a little, so let’s get back to the main gist for today, talking about  two of my favourite primers I have been using for years and I am absolutely loving them.
milk of magnesia review as face primer, oncedarplanet, Cedar Adinfono

 First off, is the review of Milk of Magnesia  which I use as a primer, yes you read that right dear, a primer. Milk of Magnesia  is actually a laxative drug which helps in relieving constipation just similar to that one popular drug Nigerians call Mist Mag but Milk of Magnesia is a better and higher version of Mist Mag. I have tried mist mag on my face,but it didn’t go well for me as my face was still kind of oily; OK maybe just a tad bit less oily. But Milk of Magnesia!!!!! did the magic for me. I can’t hype this product enough. This is my Holy Grail primer, because it helps in combating excess secretion of oil on really oily face, I have really oily skin, like I could wash my face now and in under 5minutes am all oily again, as in you could actually scoop oil from my face to prepare a meal(lol… but seriously, no jokes). MoM is a staple in my makeup kit, it is really essential.

milk of magnesia review, original flavour, oncedarplanet, Cedar Adinfono

Please when purchasing Milk of Magnesia which you want to use as a primer PLEASE DO NOT buy a flavoured one, as you will not achieve the matte (non-shiny) effect you are going for. Look out for the one that says ORIGINAL or ORIGINAL FLAVOUR as shown above. I remember one time my friend got the red cherry flavoured MoM and the consistency was slightly sticky and syrup like, plus it didn’t dry up on her face and didn’t turn chalky white like it should.

milk of magnesia look and consistency, oncedarplanet, Cedar Adinfono

This is the consistency and colour of Milk Of Magnesia in the original flavour. It is white, milky and dries up fast.

milk of magnesia in a spray bottle for easy application
So how do I apply MoM to my face? Firstly I transfer some of the product into a spray bottle for easy application, as seen above, and I spray some on my face and use my finger or a stippling brush to rub it on my face, concentrating on the part that gets oily the most, especially the T-Zone area of my face. I then let it dry. It takes only seconds to dry but while its drying am doing other makeups on my face as MoM is the first thing I apply to my face. I can now apply my foundation directly on the MoM, but I choose not to (personal preference) so this is the part the second primer comes in.
me now face primer, spf 15, review, oncedarplanet, Cedar Adinfono

After application of MoM, I apply my second Holy Grail primer, which is ME NOW Face Primer. I love this one to and I use then concurrently.ME NOW Face Primer has an SPF(Sun Protection Factor) of about 15,and this is very important as sun can do great damage to skin, plus this Nigerian sun can sha roast human being lol (just exaggerating)

me now face primer look and consistency, review, oncedarplanet, Cedar Adinfono
ME NOW Primer has an oily look and consistency but when applied to the skin I can assure you it is not greasy as I have been use it for a long while now and it has a velvety smooth feel. I really do love this primer.
You can apply your foundation directly on top of the Milk Of Magnesia, but I prefer to put a primer on my face before apply my foundation because I notice the foundation glides on smoothly; In essence primers, especially this Holy Grail ME NOW Face Primer helps for easy application of your foundation and your foundation will not crease, break, smear,whatever you want to call it, lol.
milk of magnesia, me now face primer on face, before and after, oncedarplanet, Cedar Adinfono
This is a photo of how the milk of magnesia looks when applied to the face. It should look white and chalky. I then applied my ME NOW primer, my foundation and a bit of concealer to highlight and this is the result. Oh, I forgot to mention that I mix my primer and my foundation together on the foundation brush most times and I prefer this method.
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  1. Ehwarieme Onome says:

    I used the both of them and it was like a miracle literally my makeup lasted for so long and it didn’t irritate my skin. Thanks Cedar ❤

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