Nothing To Wear

 Hello CPians,
Ok I know this intro is unusual, permit me to explain, but if you already get it then good job ha-ha. So for a while now I’ve been brain storming a name for the Cedar Planet blog readers/supporters hence I came up with CPians; CP are the initials for CedarPlanet and then I added a suffix (ians) to it; how cool is that? I did good yh?
You all have been so supportive even in my inconsistency. I really want to be consistent, I really do. MissyMayification of Missy Mays World, in her words of encouragement to me got it right when she said, and I quote
Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and it’s understandable. Take your time beautiful

Life really does get in the way of blogger, infact it gets in the way of almost everything you got planned out; is someone feeling me on this one? Lol. But, I’ll try to be more constant to my ever supportive OCPians.  

Let’s talk about this outfit we have on the blog today. Am wearing this thrifted  black Tee with a bold writing in front of it which say “Nothing To Wear” hence the post title, and a gold brogue shoe which has been sitting on my shoe racking for a very long while and is making its debut on the blog for the first time.
The “Nothing To Wear” shirt has caused loads of drama and drawn a lot of attention to me. It got people asking questions like “ah ah you say you have nothing to wear but you are wearing something. It even got people laughing at the sight of the shirt.
I remember this one time I was about to pass by my school gate and the security guard stopped me and he said I can’t let u pass, you are not wearing anything. At this point I had totally forgotten what was written on shirt.  Then he said “see nah! Your shirt says nothing to wear”.  It was at this point I realized; we both laughed it off and he let me pass.  Love the drama this shirt brings.
So OCPians, do you own any shirt or clothing that draws so much attention or drama? Ill love to know. What are your thought on this outfit in general, do let me know in the comment section.

Photography by EDK 

What I am wearing 
Cape – Aliexpress
Shirt – Thrifted
Legging –  Vintage
Brogue Shoe – Gift
Glasses – Kimani collectibles
Listick – Beyond Beauty No33

Thanks For Visiting 

16 thoughts on “Nothing To Wear

  1. Sarah Enuwa Audu says:

    I feel you girl at life getting in the way of blogging. Though I have learnt that it is okay as Missy May said. I love your casual look, the shoes are bomb! I love how the accessories spiced up the look. The belt, coat and glasses are a perfect addition.

    Princess Audu

  2. tega enai says:

    haha… your gate man is real funny. I love the Tee.
    The entire outfit is really cute. And the shoes are gorgeous. I thought the silver is better but I'll rather go for the gold. You look stunning. Love the location too.

    Tega Enai
    Have a great week.

  3. Wumi 'Tuase says:

    Funny thing is I have a post on my blog that says when I have nothing to wear, I pick a black tee, black pants and a jacket (mine is also a waterfall jacket!). I like to wear inscription shirts, they always pull attention. Love your shoes!

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