How To Make a Hobo Fringe Bag From A shirt (No Sew)

how to make a hobo-boho fringe-tassel tote bag from a shirt, fashion ways to rock a hobo bag
Hello lovely OCPians,
I bring a very simple DIY to you today. It is basically how to turn your t-shirt into a bag or rather how to make a fringe hobo bag from a t-shirt; whichever you prefer. The shirt used in this DIY is one which I’ve been wearing for so long and finally abandoned, plus I love the caption on it so I decided to use it for this tutorial. We are not sewing in this tutorial(no sew DIY/tutorial). Let’s proceed. 

This is a 15minute DIY                            
What you’ll need                                      

  • ·         A T-shirt

  • ·         Scissor

  • ·         Chalk or Anything to mark with

  • ·         Ruler (maybe, but if u got steady hands to draw straight lines, then you are good)

Here Are The Steps
make a bag from a shirt, tote bag diy, i hate mornings t-shirt
  • ·         Arrange the shirt on a flat surface, making sure there are no wrinkles on it. Cut out the sleeves of the shirt neatly. If the shirt you are using doesn’t have sleeves, it’s even better and has saved you up to 1 minute of the DIY

Navy blue boho-hobo tassel-fringe tote bag, how to bucket bag
  • ·         Cut off the seam at the bottom of the shirt, then fold your shirt into two as shown above.

navy blue tassel-fringe hobo-boho bag
  • ·         Move to top of the shirt and use a chalk or whatever you are using to mark, mark a deep neck line as shown and then cut it out neatly. That(above) is what it should look like when you open up the shirt.

demo on how make a bag in just minutes
  • ·         Move to the bottom of the shirt and mark three and half inches (3.5”) in length from bottom then draw a horizontal line and one inch (1”) across the shirt continuously drawing vertical lines with the aid of a ruler, but as I said if you can do this without a ruler, please proceed.  But I used a ruler while doing this DIY.

trending boho-hobo tassel tote bag,
  • ·         Now this is how we get the fringe. Cut the vertical lines from bottom but do not cut beyond that horizontal line drawn. When done cutting, tie the fringe behind and the ones in front of the shirt together TWICE (2X). Am emphasizing on TWICE (2X) because if you tie it once, my dear, it would lose oo and all your items in the bag would fall off; imagine this happening in public, it would be a disaster lol.

what to make out of a shirt, diy, tutorial
  • ·         Finally take a long piece of material either from the neck line or the bottom of the shirt which you cut out and tie the shoulder of the t-shirt (now bag handle) making sure your knot is firm.

That’s it guys, you now have a Boho/Hobo Fringe Bag.
You might want to attempt making this hobo bag because it is trending.
If you make this bag, I’ll love for you to show me a photo of your bag via my Instagram handle @goodgalcece.  
Your perfect bag to complete your casual outfit look as shown below *wink* 
how to style a tassel-fringe tote bag, casual outfit, navy blue baseball hat-cap.
What are your thoughts on this DIY.
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  1. Cedar Adinfono says:

    Hey babe, you take one fringe from the back of the shirt and another from the front of the shirt, in that same line and tie them together. you do this for all the fringe. when you give this tutorial a try, you will get what I am saying. thanks for visiting.

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