Tips and Tricks In Restyling An Outfit || Repeat Offender In Fashion?

restyle an old clothing like new
Hey OCPians,
Remember that playsuit/romper from the BernicexMichelle clothing line? Well I restyled it. I just took a basic black bandage skirt and wore it over the playsuit, giving me a simple sleeveless top and skirt outfit.
This photos were taken a while back in school, the same day I did the shoot for the playsuit but I thought  the restyling of the playsuit would never make it to the blog, but you know what, why not.

restyling clothing ideas

purple ankara like blouse and pencil skirt
I love restyling my outfit and you’ll get to see more of that on the blog.
Most people dump a nice clothe after they have worn it, taken pictures if it, and put it on different social medias, but it shouldn’t be so.
Restyling an outfit makes it less ‘in their face obvious’ that you are repeating an outfit. Now this is where the phrase ‘repeat offender’come in. Repeat offender is not just a legal term but also a fashion term it means when someone has committed a crime more than once and yes repeating an outfit more than once is considered a crime in fashion ha-ha.
But some basic apparels i.e. black camisole ( what I use to call shimi lol), black pencil skirt, white shirt, blue or black jeans, a completer like a blazer, can be repeated without anyone noticing. Let’s take for example the black pencil skirt and white shirt, ha-ha I can testify that it truly can be repeated without anyone noticing, as being a law student you have to wear white and black outfit five times a week to class, so no one actually notices if you changed the shirt/skirt or not,
I actually find nothing wrong in wearing an outfit you have worn before; what I do is basically leave a long interval before I wear that outfit again; and also, if somebody I know doesn’t see me in that outfit and I didn’t take any photo, then I am going to wear it again without waiting for too long lol; I guess many people follow this tactics (it’s a tactics right? Ha-ha)
restyle clothing diy

women aztec print top, bandage jersey midi skirt.
So some tips on how to restyle an outfit.
Add accessories. You want to shift attention from the outfit to the accessories a bit and the accessories in turns even changes the looks.
Layer the outfit. To layer means to wear pieces of clothe over each other eg a blazer over an outfit just as I have done with the black skirt over the playsuit (simple layering).
Remove a or some layer(s) from the outfit. If the period you wore the outfit, you layered it, you can now remove a piece from the outfit to give it a different look. Oh and also, change your shoes.
Think outside the box. Restyling a looking needs thinking and good calculation, in fact style In general needs that. Yes I said calculation cause you need to carefully analyze if this colour would fit with this, if this pattern matches that, etc.
Also, play with colors.
So don’t just abandon that nice clothe just because you have worn it before, restyle it. This is how the fashion bloggers do it and you’ll hardly ever notice until you look real close. 
how to style a romper with a black skirt, summer

office wear online

aztec top and black skirt, how to wear that same outfit but in a different way

how to use old clothes in new way

almost metalic purple lip and short side bang pixie hair cut
I’m wearing
Romper as blouse – BernicexMichelle
Skirt – Vintage
Heel – Aliexpress
Blazer – Vintage  
Lipstick – beyond beauty No.11
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Cedar Adinfono

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  1. You are so inspiring. Thanks for the tips. Been looking for a hairstyle, I guess I just found it

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