Androgynous in Teal Blue Plaid Suit

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I am androgynous again on the blog, but this time I am androgynous in plaid suit. If you do not understand what am talking about, please read THIS POST as I have talked about androgyny on the blog before, hence I am not going to bore you with long talk today. This look is more androgynous than the last yh? And I’m totally feeling it.

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Androgynous wears is one that has hit the fashion world, from women borrowing clothes from the male closet and styling it, plus this men outfit blends with the female clothing and it’s more like a unisex apparel.

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Well on the blog today, am wearing a plaid two piece suit, which is actually for my brother. He had it custom made for him of recent and has not worn it, but I love the plaid fabric and I asked him if I could wear it and he didn’t even hesitate to say yes (that’s how nice he is). So I did some little amendment on the suit to fit my tiny self (petite girl problem) and after rocking the suit I loosen all the amendments I had made and gave him back. Plus photos were also taken by him
tomboy shoes, gold brogue and plaid suit

For this outfit I wanted only gold accessories throughout , so I went with a gold brogue shoe, I wore it on the blog for the first time HERE, also went with gold chambala bracelet and put my leaf gold brooch on my hat. So since I had fixed my brooch to the fedora hat, I didn’t have another gold brooch for the lapel part (chest part) of the blazer so I put my earrings there ( shhh…, don’t tell anyone lol)
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gender neutral fashion, plaid men suit on  a female, fedora and suit outfit

I love the way this outfit gave me a  tom boy look. What I fancy about androgynous wears is how comfortable and effortless they are and I am all about my comfort most times

pin hats, hat brooch, how to use a hat pin, pin/brooch on fedora hat
I’m wearing
Two piece suit set – Brother’s
Fedora hat – Aliexpress
Gold brogue shoe – Gift 
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