Never Lose Composure

ladies never lose composure

Composure… composure… composure, so I lost my composure today. I have been telling myself I would try my best to keep my cool because I flip out easily. I was doing go with the whole composure ish until today. I know a friend of mine reading this now will say “ehen shey you see and she would say she has changed” lol I’m trying.
So Quick story, I went on an errand today which demanded taking a Keke Napep (tricycle) to my destination, on getting to my destination I gave the keke driver #500 but he had earlier charged me #50 to my destination, so he said he wouldn’t have change to give so tryed to help, I searched my bag if I could see some change, I didn’t know he was also checking for change. Before I could even bring out the change from my bag, he had already found change for the #500 but I didn’t know cuz I was still searching through my bag. The next thing I know this guys started shouting and raising his voice; in his words while raising his voice “ abeg abeg, take your money I wan leave this place, you dey waste my time” then he hissed, this got me . I look up in shocks and in those seconds, I thought, should I reply or should I just collect my balance and go. Then boooom, I flipped out ( and at this point of vexation I was still holding the #500) I shouted on him and asked him if I was playing or something and then I angry gave him the money and collected my change not checking if he got the money or it fell and walked away. Throughout my vexation mode, the keke guy didn’t utter a word.

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While walking away, a few minute later I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t have raised my voice, I should have just collected my balance and left, then I became defensive and thought also,  if he had not shouted if he had approached in a calmer tone or something then I wouldn’t have flipped out on him like that.  I just don’t take rubbish I guess. No but seriously analyse this.
But the truth of the matter here is I lost my composure or rather I lost my cool, which hurt me and made me sad. I want to be that person that wouldn’t let just any situation get the best of her. I know I get angry easily and I don’t like that.

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So scrutinizing the whole situation that happened today, I came up with two (2) ways to maintain self-composure or how to keep your cool. So here
1.       Don’t act out of impulse. Temptation to lose your cool could occur in many situation not just one related to my story and acting without real careful thinking is not something you want to do if you don’t want lose your composure. As u can see I didn’t really analize the situation at hand before I lashed out at him. If I had just calmed down and just thought things through for some seconds more, then I wouldn’t be hurt by losing my self-composure and would have acted properly and not in the heat of the moment
2.       Don’t take things to personal.  I’m guessing this is quite self-explanatory. When you take things to personal, it would be quite tough to maintain composure and you can’t think clearly
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This post actually reminds me of that Alexis Dikon’s song – Breathe slow, in which she repeated the statement “ladies never loose composure” severally. You can get the lyrics to the song HERE. I love that song.
So with all this said I leave you with some famous quotes.
As soon as anger knocks at one’s door, wisdom prepares to leave.”
― Pawan Mishra, Coinman: An Untold Conspiracy
Don’t let out your true behaviour in the public, even if you were born nasty, make others feel you were well bred.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson
 A lady must retain always her composure. Even in a rainstorm, she must appear joyous and dry. When she loses her composure, then the respect of her peers and her staff will follow in short order.”
― Anna Godbersen, The Luxe
 Ladies and gentlemen, when you paint your lips, eyes, nails, hair, side-beards, or whatever, to look beautiful or handsome, don’t forget your upstairs, if you don’t go up there to put things in order, then, consider the former attributes null and void.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

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  1. Beau_diamond says:

    Most of these keke napep drivers are uneducated so when I reply them I end up regretting losing my composure at the first instance.

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