ColourPop Now Ships International( + Nigeria) | But some facts you need to know first.

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Yaaaayyy, final ColourPop cosmetics now ships international. If you know the quality of a good product like colour pop then you know why I am so thrilled they have finally decided to ship to Nigeria and other countries. They started shipping internationally on the 12th of July 2016.
ColourPop is one of the most popular beauty brands and every makeup lover yearns to have their product, plus their products are super super affordable it’s unbelievable; but then they didn’t ship to Nigeria and many makeup retailers in Nigeria would find ways to get the products down here to Nigeria and then sell it for really exorbitant prices. So now you see my joy, when I found out through a friend on social media that they now offer international shipping, hence I researched further on other information.

Now there are some facts/detailed information you need to know about colorpop cosmetic international shipping. This is according to colourpop cosmetic post on twitter. Here it goes.
Shipping is calculated by location and weight of package. Shipping rates starts from $15.
All packages are sent via the US Postal Service, so delivery times vary. For orders to residents within the USA, once shipped orders typically arrive in 3-5 business days. Orders outside the USA can take 10-21 business days.
Weights are broken into diff brackets. Try to add more goodies to your cart for the same shipping rate
Colourpop ships internationally EXCEPT China and Turkey. 
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So get shopping people. I suggest you checkout their ULTRAMATTE LIP section visit their store and thank me later. 
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