Burgundy Fever

Yes yes yes, my outfit to church today, trust me to slay.

This multi-colour Ankara fringe jacket or would I call it a kimono, was made early this morning at about 2am, I didn’t calculate the time spent on making but It didn’t take much of my time. I styled it with a burgundy trouser and burgundy hat to match the burgundy on the jacket, as that was how I envisioned styling the kimono while making it. 

Fringe/tassels are trendy and I really fancy it so I added fringe to the edges of the jacket and the outcome is beautiful right? From the photos one can tell how much I’m feeling this kimono, I love loooove it yo!

Well this is my own jacket, hence this Ankara fringe kimono is up for SALE; So, hurry, send me a message at CedarPlanet@gmail.com if you are interested.
How would you have styled this Ankara fringe jacket/kimono? Any thoughts on this outfit?

What I’m wearing
Fedora hat – Aliexpress
Fringe Jacket/kimono – Made by me
Top – Random buy
Trouser – Made by me.
Shoe – Gift
Thanks ForVisiting

13 thoughts on “Burgundy Fever

  1. Denbofa says:

    I love this outfit especially the kimono,the fringes you added made it have this unique and classic look.keep up with the good work.you just got yourself a new fan and friend of your posts. But please will I see those fringes at the market? Please kindly reply xoxo

    • Cedar Adinfono says:

      HELLO. thanks for for the compliment. yes you can find the fringe at the
      market. what you do is take a clear photo of it so when you get to the
      market you can just show them what you are looking for. and also Thank
      you for subscribing.

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