Denim and Highlights

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Happy new month OCPians.
A sleeveless denim jacket/shirt is definitely a must have for summer, well isn’t it always summer in Nigerian? Lol. Why am I raving about sleeveless denim shirt obviously because I got on a sleeveless denim shirt and also because; read the story >>>

Well on this faithful day I decided to visit a friend and I wanted to wear denim either a denim shirt or a denim pant, all I wanted was a touch of denim. But the weather was hot and so I had a rethink on the whole denim attire and thought ok if I wanted to wear a denim shirt then It had to be a sleeveless one and sincerely didn’t even know I had a sleeveless denim, I was already preparing to chop of the sleeves of one of my denim shirt when I found this, Chai you can imagine my excitement.  Ok I had found an outfit for my outing which was a denim on denim look, so I began my makeup and then it started raining, that is Warri weather for you its always bipolar arrrrrrrrgggh and that also meant me changing my oufit again to something that would help with the cold as it rained. Nah I went on with my sleeveless denim shirt jor as I have a black man blood in me so any cold that fashion against me shall not prosper lol.

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Strutting with my bipolar bum lol
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I love rainy season but hate the fact the when what touches your hair, your natural hair shrinks; like damn I was really feeling my fro yo! But shrinkage has its advantage and disadvantage though. 
casual outfit with jeans and adidas trainer/converse,

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How do you like my oufit? And my sneakers too, it was actually a white adidas which has worn out really bad and I was thinking of throwing it away, but nah, I decided to dye it. There will be a post on how I dyed it real soon.
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