HNY 2017

Happy New Year CPians. 2016 was a tremendous year it wasn’t all that bad. Am not the type to make resolutions but I got goals for 2017. From all that has happened in 2016, from dollar inflation to recession to bla-bla-bla, I hope for a better year

To kick off my 2017 I moved my blog and changed my domain name toward the end of 2016.

Well here are some reasons for this change:

  • Blogger wasn’t doing it for me, it was quite restricting andI wanted a more flexible platform, so I moved to WordPress which I find much more supple and the fact that there is a plugin for just about any issue is just satisfying.
  • The change of my domain name came with the fact the most people confused the ON at the beginning of the domain for ONE; some instagram pages also made that mistake and I kept correcting them lol. Some peeps actually referred to me as cedarONEplanet; that was just the height.
  • I also wanted a standalone domain i.e. without a prefix or suffix. Plus I had registered my brand name as CEDAR PLANET so I want just CEDARPLANET as the domain name. Well I also couldn’t get a .COM domain as apparently cedarplanet.COM is seen as a huge domain and it would cost me a whopping $2295 to buy it, so I had to go with the sister of .COM which is .NET.

Hence my domain is now CEDARPLANET.NET

Loved the sound of but I prefer this new domain, cedarplaNET.NET

I’m liking the new platform but still tweaking here and there till I get wah I want.

I pray this year brings you so much joy and you fulfil most if not all the goal you set out. Thank you so much for sticking around Thank you for messages, that can’t go unnoticed, I’m really grateful for every reader of my blog.

Happy new year once again

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Top – was actually a dress i wore in this post

Pant – Forshion

Shoe – DIY

Thanks for visiting


7 thoughts on “HNY 2017

  1. WanShyGirl says:

    Yaaaaayyyy Cedar is back. Convenience is key when it comes to this blogging thing and WordPress is definitely my go – to for blogging and what nots. I love the new look and with time I know you’ll keep improving. Nice outfit too, I thought you were afraid of horses? And now you’re using it to pose for the gram ??? (referring to an old video on your Instagram tho). DIY Fringe Brogues? You made it from scratch?? Are you into footwear now?! It’s dope ? oooo. Please reply ☺☺☺


    • Cedar Adinfono says:

      Hey dear. Thanks. Those photos with the horse was a quick one even if it doesn’t seem so lol. I couldn’t wait to move away from it, but the person behind the camera wanted a good shot so i had to be patient hahaha.
      Oh no dear i didn’t make the shoe from scratch, just a part of it.
      Footwear line has been a thought lingering in my mind though
      Thanks you so much for visiting.

  2. Sarah says:

    Happy new year girl and welcome back. Thumbs up on the domain name and switch but I don’t believe blogger is that bad. Although I’ve considered switching a few times I feel it’s too late and with a proper XML file your good. Love the trousers and DIY shoes.

     Princess Audu 

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