how to make a tassel/fringe shoe

shoe repair replacement tassel, how to make a fringe shoe

Hello CPians, Look at how pretty this tassel shoes are. It’s trending it’s everywhere everyone wants a tassel or fringe on something, on their clothing, a part of their accessory; and today I’d be showing you all how to make a tassel/fringe shoe. Tassels changes the appearance of a fashion piece and adds that extra […]

halo braids and the sweater scarf with sleeves

Hello CPians, Can we just focus on this off-shoulder sweater blouse? So I have been seeing this sweater blouse on the net for a while it has mostly been worn by fashion bloggers other fashion enthusiasts; I wanted to have it also because, c’mon who doesn’t like a statement apparel that turn heads. Fast forward […]

Collab with Two Male Fashionistas

Hello cpians Today on the blog, I bring to you a collaboration with two male fashionistas; Kessington who is a fashion blogger at and Emmanuel popularly known with his instagram name @official_nuell. I’ve been meaning to collaborate with male fashionistas for a while now so I had to make it happen. (So for identification, […]