Reasons To Add Camel Coat To Your Wardrobe

Camel coat as the name implies is a coat made from the hair of a camel. It has been in style for over fifty years. A camel coat is an all-around apparel which every lady/gentleman should own.
A camel coat is one classic piece which connotes sophistication, elegance and confidence. This is one apparel that is easy to work with because it’s neutral shade can be paired with everything in your wardrobe. 
A camel coat comes in different styles. it could be a, structured doubled breasted coat or a relaxed irregular coat. it could be an over-sized coat of a fitted coated.The length could either be long or short, it’s your preference. Lets look at some reasons why you should add a camel coat to your wardrobe.

  • It is versatile

     This is the first obvious reason you should own a camel coat. Apart from the fact that it keeps you warm, it also calls you out as stylish. A camel coat can be worn with anything at all.

  • It can be worn with even the most casual outfit.

     Wearing a camel coat over casual outfit is never seen as wrong. Camel over casual outfits works together perfectly as it does with corporate outfits. 

Kanye West who is most times on casual outfits, seems to be in love with the camel coat trend as he has been spotted severally rocking a camel coat. He is really pushing this trend.

  • It adds great sophistication to an outfit

    whatever the outfit you have on, when this classic outer garment is put on, it makes that look instantly posh. it gives that ”am not here to play sort of look”.

  • It is timeless

      No matter the style of a camel coat, it can be worn from day to night. It has a balance of both worlds. A camel coat is not to boring or casual.

  • Marilyn Monroe had and wore one.   

 A camel coat might be a bit pricey, but it is really worth the buy.
I hope I have not confused you but convinced you to get a camel coat today lol.

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