How to Pull Off a Vintage/Old School Look

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Hello OCPians,
I went with a vintage look today as I have been feeling the vintage vibes this year; like 2016 has people wearing more of vintage outfits than normal and I wonder, could 2016 be the new 19thcentury? Hence I bring you some few tips on how to pull off a vintage look.  
Vintage/old school looks are quite easy to pull off I tell you, but you got to be careful so you don’t go overboard with the whole combo. Let’s proceed

1.       Accessories
To wear vintage and feel vintage the accessories you use matters a lot. For example vintage eyeglasses are either round or cat eyed (pointy at the edges) just like the one I got on, so when choosing glasses for a vintage look pick between this two. Jewellery almost never goes out of style, so you can wear pieces of vintage jewellery without anyone knowing the difference. Also you could wear your vintage apparel with somewhat modern shoes and bags, hence mix vintage with modern. Wearing socks with heels also gives a vintage vibe. Cinch your waist with a pretty vintage belt to add accent towards that retro silhouette.
pink blazer on floral shirt, socks on heels
retro style fashion

olden days inspired look, plain and floral outfit
2.       Wear oversize garments and belt up
The 90 era notice most upper garments i.e. blazer, shirt where not so fitting but had little fitting at the waist region with the help of a belt.  When decided to wear oversized garment, do not go overboard with it less you start looking really frumpy and nobody wants that but if it’s you decision to look frumpy, then proceed lol.
3.       Makeup/ hair
Except you are trying to create a particular hairdo and makeup, your hair and makeup are going to look relatively modern. For a vintage look you can go for a pinup hair do or afro hair just like I did, vintage hairs are quite simple. Most makeups in the 19thcentury had on red lipstick hence my ruby woo came to play after a long while.The 19th century makeup didn’t have the whole highlighting and contouring, clean browns; their makeup looked more like a rush work make up lol.
vintage cat eye frames
how to dress retro vintage old school,  old school fashion style
how to dress vintage with modern clothes
4.       Fabric
Polka dots floral, woolly and patterned outfits speaks vintage. You can easily pull off a vintage look if you got any of this. Also, mix plains and patterns.
how to get a vintage lookhow to dress vintage without looking old

1.       Confidence is key in rocking an outfit
how to style oversized pink blazer, gold fro hair
old school day looks,
old school dressing in nigeria, most stylish old school dressing

old school dressing for females
african old school dressing, naija old school dressing female
There is this misconception that ‘vintage equals flashy, vintage doesn’t have to be all loud and flashy, you could keep things simple and minimal and still pull off a vintage/old school look.
What I’m Wearing
 Blazer – Mum’s
Skirt – vintage
Shoe – Mamus suave couture
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