styling oversized denim jacket with diy jeezy shoes, grey bodycon dress
Hello lovely OCPians,
It’s pretty obvious I’ve been away for a while and I really should have kept you guys informed and I’m so sorry for that, but if you are following me on instagram which you should now lol (@goodgalcece) then you know a little bit of why I was away.  (A pictorial on the “DIY yeezy socks pump” is below)
diy yeezy socks pumps-boot on grey bodycon
socks over heels trend, yeezy heels
Those who checked up on me while I was away, mehn you guys are the best I tell you. But hey my loves am back.
Today on the blog I’m rocking the DIY yeezy socks pump. This particular DIY has been trending all over the internet for a while now especially on instagram. I love the creative aspect of this DIY pump, and how people think outside the box to bring ideas to life is fascinating; but really not everyone can afford the yeezy socks boot which is presently $895 and doing a conversion with the present value of naira , this would be approximately N450,500 ah biko, I can’t fit so I went ahead to try out the DIY for myself using a grey socks with plaid gradient colours on it and paired my DIY pump with a simple gray bodycon dress which I got off Kimani Collectibles which would have been a lot sexier if I had a lil something something on this body lol; well had to work with what I have yo! lol
oversized denim jacket on grey bodycon dress
how to rock your yeezy shoes
how to style denim jeans jacket
styling simple dress, female nigerian fashion blogger
I also rocked my outfit with an oversized denim jacket because um I recently added this jacket to my wardrobe and it was just sweeting me to wear it as per new cloth hahaha; but I like the outfit with the jacket on than without, or what do you think?
Check out this step by step below on how the DIY yeezy socks pump/boot is done
how to make the yeezy socks boot-heels-pump, yeezy diy, yeezy heels, yeezy season2
SO would you be trying out the diy yeezy socks pump ?
Love my outfit? Yes or yes? Let me know in the comment section?
Thank you guys so so so so so much for sticking around.
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female african fashion blogger
oncedarplanet, cedar planet, grey bodycon spandex dress
Dress – Kimani collectibles
Jacket – Pabz
Heels – DIY Yeezy
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