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halo braids and the sweater scarf with sleeves | Cedar Planet

halo braids and the sweater scarf with sleeves

how to wear an all black outfit

Hello CPians,
Can we just focus on this off-shoulder sweater blouse? So I have been seeing this sweater blouse on the net for a while it has mostly been worn by fashion bloggers other fashion enthusiasts; I wanted to have it also because, c’mon who doesn’t like a statement apparel that turn heads. Fast forward to when a company TOSAVE contacted me and asked for a collaboration and then after agreeing to collaborate with them I was further asked to pick items I like on their website. On getting to their website lo and behold while glancing though the tops section this sweater blouse was looking right at me, you don’t want to even know how fast I click on the blouse image. So I sent the company the list of items I wanted and then the package was sent to me.

chunky knit blouse and wide-leg pants

scarf with sleeves how to wear

When the package got to me, I hastily took out this blouse from the many others and to my shock it was just a sweater scarf with sleeves, ah my first thought was this will be one complicated piece to figure out oo. But to my amazement as I tried the sweater scarf on I realized it was a very versatile piece and could be worn in more ways than one, just any how you want to. It was so easy for me to wear this sweater scarf with sleeves as against my early thoughts of it being a complicated piece.
I styled the sweater scarf into an off shoulder top and decided to pair it with a simple black wide leg pant and red heels. You like?

monochrome fsahion, halo braids easy black outfit ideas, sweater scarf with sleeves

Neck-Wrap-Top-scarf with sleeves how to wear, cornrow braids

This sweater scarf with sleeve was gotten off tosave.com it can also be worn as a jacket, yes a jacket.

black statement overlapping blouse,

nigerian fashion blogger, cedar planet, stylish in black, halo braids

Ok now shift your attention to my hair for just a moment if you please. This is a halo braid hairdo which I’ve been rocking of late and It is a natural hair protective style which is very easy to make. I have gotten loads of compliments even from guys on this hair and also request for me to help make this hair style. This natural hair up-do took me about 15 to 20 min to pull off the halo braids hair And I love how it looks with this outfit.

cedar adinfono, stylish nigerian, halo braid, chunky knit sweater with sleeves halo braids on natural hair, slicked down natural hair, natural nigerian


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