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how to make a tassel/fringe shoe | Cedar Planet

how to make a tassel/fringe shoe

shoe repair replacement tassel, how to make a fringe shoe
different styles of tassel shoe, how to make detachable tassel shoe
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Hello CPians,

Look at how pretty this tassel shoes are. It’s trending it’s everywhere everyone wants a tassel or fringe on something, on their clothing, a part of their accessory; and today I’d be showing you all how to make a tassel/fringe shoe. Tassels changes the appearance of a fashion piece and adds that extra oomph. I love the way adding this detachable tassel to my shoe made it look more sophisticated. i got a lot of  compliments about this shoe while in school as i often wore it for lectures and peeps wanting to know where i got it. But little did they know that it was just the detachable tassel making all the difference.

Remember this outfit I wore HERE that had black fringes at edge.

So without further ado let’s begin the tutorial

This is a 10 minute DIY

And you’ll be needing:

what you need to make your own tassel brogue, how to make a tassel/fringe shoe

1. A leather fabric(you mustn’t use leather, you can use any fabric that doesn’t fray)
2. A scissors
3. Tape/ruler(optional but for accurate measurement)
4. Puncher or nail(preferably puncher as gives a neater hole)
5. Hammer or stone
6. Eyelet(optional)
7. pen(or something to mark with)


Here are the steps:

brogues with tassel diy

1. Get a leather fabric of your choice, turn to the wrong side of the fabric and mark out 3.5” by 3” (you can tweak this measurement to fit your shoe,so that the leather covers the laces. This measurement is what worked for my shoe); then cut out what you have measured. You will be needing two(obviously lol) for a pair of shoe, so cut out another one and then keep the remaining fabric aside.



how to make tassel loafer for men and women

2. Move to the top part of the of that fabric you cut out, measure 0.7” or 1” or even more(your choice) and make a horizontal line from the measurement. In between that line and the edge of the fabric, mark two dots as shown above.

pictorial on fringe shoe

3. Go below that horizontal line and make thin vertical lines as shown above. Cut out those vertical lines you drew but be careful so you don’t cut over that horizontal line.



how to make shoe accessories diy fringe

4. Now move to the edge of those vertical lines you cut out( we will call them tassels now), pick one tassel after the other and cut out symmetric point; you make symmetric points by cutting one edge of the tassel and move to the other edge and do same, as shown above



the making of detachable shoe fringe

5. You should have something like this (shown above)



do it yourself fringe sneakers, what a punching tool looks like

6. Remember those two dots we made at the top of the leather fabric, now take your puncher (this is what a puncher looks like, shown above)or use a nail and punch a hole using a hammer.

detachable tassel with and without eyelet, tassel shoe diy

7. You should have something like this (shown above). Now at this point you can leave it this way or you can go further and add eyelets to the holes to make it look more sophisticated.

unisex brogues shoe with tassels diy, how to make a tassel shoe
8. And viola!!!! after adding my detachable tassel to my brogue shoe, just look at how nice it’s looking.

I hope you find this pictorial simple and straight forward. Also if you try this out, i would love to see so tag me to the photo, my instagram is @goodgalcece


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  1. WanShyGirl says:

    Osheyyy DIY woman this is really lovely and easy to do. It’s not new to me yet I know it will be helpful to a lot of people. Wehdone Ma!!! 👏👏👏👏

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