Floral dress: How to wear

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So in today’s post we will gain a little knowledge on how to style a floral dress. Floral dresses are full of colours and sometimes it might be hard to pull of colourful outfits.

how to wear a floral dress in summer

floral dress and yellow heel shoe

How to wear floral dress

  • Large floral patterns are really flattering to small or slender body structure (like mine). Overly big floral patterns do not work will on fat body structure as it will make you look as though you added some more weight. However if you are neither on the petite side or big side (say you are on the average) then you want to look out for floral dresses with a mixture of both larger and small floral patterns on it.

stylish knee length floral dress

modest floral print dress and yellow pvc high heel shoe

  • Floral prints should be toned down with neutral colours or solid colours. You already have on a busy outfit so you don’t need any more chaos in the mix. Don’t get me wrong, mixing of patterns is acceptable but mix floral with polka dots or strips’ even with your accessories. Use a plain belt to give a solid break on your floral dress. Do not wear matching floral print shoes.

halo braid hair do, cedar adinfono, cedar planet

short sleeve prints flared gown

  • Go as mild and subtle as possible with you makeup, you would look to flashy having a floral dress on and then some wild, next level makeup going on on your face which will definitely attract extra attention to you(except this is what you are aiming at, then go for it lool)

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