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Quick Tips : Proper Hair Weave Installation | Cedar Planet

Quick Tips : Proper Hair Weave Installation

Women appear to become divided on the quality of hair weaves to develop their head of hair. they source for  awesome hair weaves in order to them boost their hair to be either longer or thicker, While some swear that weaves only made their head of hair thin and broken. Surprisingly, both perceptions are valid. Regrettably for that latter, this means that they are putting on their head of hair weaves the wrong manner.Malaysian hair weave

To make optimal use of weaves, you have to make sure that he virgin hair weave is correctly installed. This would provide you with the liberty to test new hairstyles with no damage to your natural hair, but occasionally, provide your own hair the  breathing space they require from everyday stresses. Think about these tips about proper hair weave installation:

  • It’s natural to make sure that the braids that secure your weave are tight enough to safeguard that them from falling, but don’t exaggerate it to prevent unwanted hair thinning. Although the area where your weaves first meet your scalp should be secure, this shouldn’t be pulled to tight, for this can damage the follicles and might result in traction alopecia  a type of hair thinning frequently connected with tight hairstyles.
    traction alopecia
    Traction alopecia
  • Nearly all women are drawn to glued-in hair extensions simply because they allow weaves to become attached nearer to the scalp, making the weaves look very natural. However, glue has got the tendency to tear your natural hair if you’re not careful. Should you go searching for glue, make certain it’s just for a very short-term basis, like for special events, and also have them applied and removed only by a skilled stylist.
  • Though you may be putting on weaves, this doesn’t mean that you could ignore fixing your natural hair altogether. Nourish it how you nourish your weaves, only using the gentlest of hair products, and stay away from harsh sulfates which are frequently present in shampoos. Apply vitamins, like Vitamins A, E, and B Complex, to promote hair regrowth.
  • Stylists generally recommend putting on hair weaves without more than three several weeks, lesser in case your hair has a tendency to grow thicker and faster. Putting on them for over the suggested time may lead to tangling, matting, and breakage of the natural hair.

Follow these useful expert ideas to help make your hair grow more healthier and longer. Additionally, make sure to obtain a top quality hair like Malaysian hair weave from the likes of Virgin Hair Fix for much better effect.


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