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Hellur ( In Madea’s voice. If you don’t know what am talking about, hmmm, I don’t what to say, just google it lol).

Welcome to my blog

I am Cedar Adinfono (Cedar is not a nickname, even though it sounds like one) I am presently a Nigerian Law Student and also a Fashion enthusiast, I see beauty in everything.


So why did I start blogging.

Firstly I started blogging October 2015; with an intention to document my style and creative side as i am a lover of fashion and beauty and I see myself as a little creative also, so I give out some DIYs/tutorials and others from time to time.

Blogging is a medium for Cedar to get herself out there, I know how much I love to look nice and dress stylishly and I get mad ideas on some outfit combo, oh and I love makeup, but I just don’t go out, I even turn down outing invitation sometimes, like I could be on my bed the whole day browsing, watching a movie, sliding through my phone, sleeping (oh did I tell you sleep is my best friend lol) or doing anything that interests me; I basically enjoy my company.

Plus I am a law student and I wear black and white most of the time and my faculty wouldn’t even let you style your black and white outfit, they basically want all law students in my university to be dressed in plain white button down shirt and plain black skirt. The only opportunity I have to style my black and white outfit is at law dinners which is annually. Hence I started a blog to document my style and all since I hardly go out and also being a law student and having to wear monochrome the whole week.

Also my urge to start a blog initiated from my love for the internet, I am always online doing one thing or another or googling weird stuffs lol (I am guessing google is already tired of me lol). when I run out of internet data, I feel like am lost and missing out on so many things. I got some advice from people who notice how much internet stuff I know, to start a blog, but I wasn’t ready or really interested until late 2015 and then made sure I had my blog set up before the end of October 2015.

Now blogging is my safe haven, I find peace here, it is my way of getting off anything related to law because sometimes this law thing or even school in general could get to you.

What you’ll find on this blog?

CedarPlanet is a fashion and lifestyle blog. Here on Cedar Planet you’ll find Fashion and everything in-between. I hope you enjoy. Welcome to OCP.

Where to start?

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Why don’t we keep in touch?

I can’t emphasize enough on how much I appreciate CPians (oh did I mention that this is the name I gave my awesome CedarPLanet readers/supporters) for their support so far. Thanks you guys for reading and leaving positive comments on the blog. All this positive vibes keeps me going and I am very grateful.

But let’s not let our connection stop just here on the blog, lets connect further.

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Welcome once again